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Transfog TM

Photochromatic lenses that offer full UVA & UVB Protection, change from light to dark when exposed to sunlight, and are also factory treated with a permanent anti-fog treatment.

  • UVA & UVB Protection
  • TR-90 Frames
  • Permanent Anti-fog
  • Photochromatic Lens
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Naute Sport  |  The Max |  N036-TF Naute Sport  |  The Ombre |  N035-TF Brutus - TransFog
The Max (Transition/Anti-Fog)
List Price: $130.00
Buy Now: $69.00
The Ombre (Transition/Anti-Fog)
List Price: $130.00
Buy Now: $69.00
Brutus - TransFog
List Price: $130.00
Buy Now $69.00
Naute Sport  |  The Max |  N036-TF Naute Sport  |  The Ombre |  N035-TF The Brutus Trans-Fog
Anti-Fog Clear to Smoke Transition Lens
UV A and B Protection
Fits medium to large face